How Important is the Visual Perception of your Office or Company to You?

Studies show that the right visual communication in the interiors of your office, can increase production, energize your staff, and improve employee satisfaction. Begin the process now by requesting a complimentary initial consultation.

Art Rental Programs

Are you interested in reducing your operating costs? How can you create positive perception with a limited budget, and reduce your corporate tax liabilities and property tax liabilities? Our technology clients such as Dell and Samsung, and law firms such as Dykema, realize the benefits of art rental programs. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to see how your company can benefit as well.

Installation Services

Do you currently have staff to take care of your installation needs, or do you need a good outsourced vendor? Many of our clients, such as Caris Life Sciences, have found that outsourcing these needs lets them work more on their core business. We also have clients that ask us for Care & Maintenance service. We specialize in corporate installations, with no residential services available.

Quality Art House - Corporate Art Consulting

Corporate Art Consulting

How would you like to work with a company that gives you a budget, timeline, options, and delivers all three as agreed? Our firm creates strategic partnerships by working directly with clients during the planning and programming stages of a project, which allows our team to create solutions that integrate art into the great design that architects and interior designers create. We also are always keeping the owner’s ongoing operations cost at the forefront when making decisions.